Here’s a list of high-quality gifts for motorcycle lovers that I and my friends would love to receive. I’ve put some thought into gifts for different kinds of riders, too. Adventurer? Sportbike rider? Cruiser rider? I’ve got you covered!

I’ve updated this for 2022, reflecting a few new things that have come out (e.g. the GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini, which is a more affordable and appropriate version of the GoPro for motorcyclists).

Feel free to send this list to your partner or loved one, pretending to have sent it by mistake. “Oh whoops, dear! I meant to send you a link to [something boring], not this list of gift suggestions for me.”

The hard thing about buying gifts for motorcyclists is that we motorcyclists love pouring money into it ourselves. So our friends and family think: they seems perfectly capable of buying gifts for themselves. What on earth could I possibly get them??

But motorcycle aficionados love getting gifts of the kind of things we wouldn’t necessarily get for ourselves because we think the stuff we already have will do fine. (“These gloves have life in them yet…”)

So here are a bunch of ideas for gifts for motorcycle lovers for all kinds of riders, and many budgets.

There are a few lists like this I’ve seen online and they’re full of trash and just future landfill (keychains, trinkets, etc.). Not this list! This is high-quality stuff that anyone would be proud to own for years.

Disclaimer: If you buy the products that I recommend via the links on this page, I may earn a commission, which otherwise is kept by Amazon or Revzilla. I only do this when there’s a product I actually recommend. (And there are many products I recommend for which I earn nothing.) I appreciate your support.

Easy way out — Get a Revzilla Gift Card!

Revzilla is a very popular website that only has motorcycle items. Anyone who likes motorcycles would know them.

By getting a Revzilla gift card, you’re saying “Please spend money on motorcycles!” And Revzilla is a great company (really nice people) that ships worldwide and has a lot of stuff.

Gifts for motorcycle lovers — Revzilla gift voucher

Are you obsessed with motorcycles?

Well, I am. That’s why I created this site — as an outlet. I love learning and sharing what others might find useful. If you like what you read here, and you’re a fraction as obsessed as I am, you might like to know when I’ve published more. (Check the latest for an idea of what you’ll see.)

Gifts for Motorcycle Lovers — Summary table

Below is a summary table of all the gifts we recommend and what kind of rider they’d be suitable for.

GiftFor what kind of rider?Link
Revzilla Gift Card
Gifts for motorcycle lovers — Revzilla gift voucher
* Any rider — they ship globally (but are based in the US)
* Revzilla is the best website for motorcycle gear and accessories.
* You can get gift cards between $25 and $500.
Get it here
GoPro Hero 11 Mini
Gopro 11 black mini motorcycle 1
* Track, adventure, sport riders who like to show you photos of or describe where they’ve been
* Riders who watch a lot of YouTube.
* The Mini version is more compact, but has the same image quality
* Don’t forget the helmet mount.
Get it here
LEGO Technic Motorcycle Kit
Gift ideas for motorcyclists — lego technic BMW R1200GS with box
* Any motorcycle rider who likes to work on something inside, and who is a huge fan of expensive motorcycles they’ll probably never own
* You can get great kits for BMW, Harley-Davidson, Ducati, and other brand motorcycles
Get them here
Alpinestar Supertech GlovesAlpinestar Supertech gloves — Gifts for Motorcyclists* Motorcyclists who ride short or strack
* If you want a less expensive but very well-loved alternative, consider Alpinestars GP Pro RS3 gloves.
Get it here
Cruztools Tool Kit
Cruztools tool kit gift for motorcyclists
* Adventure travellers, or offroad riders
* Or for handy types who like to go on trips (at least overnight)
* Get the brand-specific toolkits for BMWs, Harleys, Indians, and Triumphs.
* All other tool kits are the generic “Metric” one.
Get it here
Meguiar’s motorcycle Care Kit
Meguiars motorcycle care kit gift
* Any proud motorcycle owner (unless they literally never wash their bike)Get it here
Zoom H1n Recorder
zoom h1n microphone for motorcycle raw audio
* Any friend of yours who likes to record their rides and play them back later — short or long ones
* Particularly if your friend is a vlogger
Get it here
A twist of the wrist by Keith Code - Great gift for motorcyclists
* For the intellectual who are always trying to perfect their style.
* Their are four books I recommend easily — they’re all below. (But A Twist of the Wrist is my favourite)
Get it here
Gifts for Motorcycle Lovers — Summary Table

GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini — Great for All Kinds of Riders

GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini

With a GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini and a helmet mount, riders can share a real point-of-view video with very high quality and little hassle.

If you already have a GoPro, then just get the GoPro helmet mount!

Gopro 11 black mini motorcycle 1
Gopro 11 black mini motorcycle 1

Riders love telling other people about their rides.

We love telling people how beautiful the road or day was, how epic the ride was, or that time when a deer (or kangaroo, or hyena) was just inches away from the front wheel, I swear.

The GoPro has been best in class for a while for a few reasons. Firstly, picture quality is great. Secondly, it has really great image stabilisation, which means it can compensate for when you’re leaned over, without using a “gimbal” (a mechanical stabilisation device). Thirdly, it’s very rugged.

I really like the GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini in particular as I don’t particularly need the screen for review. But you can also get the full size GoPro Hero 11.

Lego Technic Motorcycle Kits — For Indoor Tinkerers

These LEGO Technic kits are awesome, surprisingly complex (moving parts, like gearboxes!), and pretty affordable as gifts go. I’d love to receive one, and I think you know which one…

Gift ideas for motorcyclists — lego technic BMW R1200GS with box
BMW R 1200 GS LEGO Technic edition
Gift ideas for motorcyclists — lego technic ducati panigale v4r with box
Ducati Panigale V4R LEGO Technic kit
Gift ideas for motorcyclists — Harley-Davidson Fat Boy kit with box
Harley-Davidson Fat Boy LEGO Technic kit

I’m a huge fan of these kits. They’re great, and range in price from $70-250. There are other models that LEGO does too, but the above ones are some starting points.

A new kit released for sale only in Jan 2022 is the BMW M 1000 RR lego kit, a supersport bike which would be my pick of the bunch. It’s a detail 1:5 scale model with 1920 pieces. Full size, it’s 45.5 cm / 17.9 inches long!

The M 1000 RR has some unique things like a functioning 3-speed gearbox, an upside-down fork, and a gold drive chain. This would be the one to get me (hint, hint).

Being a premium BMW, it’s a bit pricier though!

BMW M 1000 RR Lego
BMW M 1000 RR

You can pick the LEGO kit by knowing the kind of bike that your target gift recipient is obsessed with! Are they a Harley-or-die kind of person? Ducati fanboy? BMW lover? (Some of us are all three…)

All the models are created in partnership with the brands, so they have a lot of elements that echo bits of the original bikes.

They’re not just fun to look at (and a much more affordable version than the actual bike), these LEGO Technic models have moving parts (like gearbox) and can move! Very cool.

Motorcycle Gloves — Great gift for Sportbike riders

Alpinestars Supertech Gloves

Full gauntlet (which means extended wrist protection) motorcycle gloves are a treat to own. And Alpinestars Supertech gloves are very well-liked.

A cheaper (but still excellent) alternative are Alpinestars GP Pro RS3 gloves.

Alpinestar Supertech gloves — Gifts for Motorcyclists

Many motorcyclists like to buy “generalist” gear — something you can wear to the cafe but also out on all-day rides.

So we rarely buy super-specialised gear, and if we do, we tend to not buy the most expensive stuff. This is where you come in — because gloves don’t get too expensive, so buying the best ones is a good gift. Even the second most expensive ones are still a treat and make excellent gifts for motorcycle riders!

For sportbike riders, a nice pair of gloves is a real luxury that you can treat us to. They are cooler, lighter, and look great.

As a general guide, you’re looking for gauntlet gloves, and anything by these brands: Alpinestars (a common favourite), Dainese (Italian luxury), Rev’it (a Norwegian brand), and Spidi (another Italian brand).

A well-loved favourite sportbike glove is the Alpinestars Supertech gloves.

If you want a slightly cheaper but still extremely good alternative, look at Alpinestars GP Pro RS3 gloves.

Note — Most apparel is driven by style. Things like pants, jackets, and helmets, are much more personal — especially helmets (you have to try them on). But gloves are easier. As long as the size is roughly right (I wear anything from a medium to an extra large), it’ll work great.

Motorcycle Tool kit — Great gift for Adventure Motorcycle riders

Cruztools Tool Kit

The Cruztools tool kits are high-quality, comprehensive, and versatile tool kits for the budding adventure traveller.

Get the brand-specific one if it’s there (BMW, Harley-Davidson etc.), or the “metric” one for Japanese or Italian motorcycles.

Cruztools tool kit gift for motorcyclists

I love my motorcycle tool kit. In fact, when I do work on my bike, I try to just use the tools in my tool kit. It’s good practise for when I have nothing else.

I find most riders don’t have tool kits. I know this because I often meet riders at cafes who have some small trouble, and I lend them an allen key or a wrench.

The nice thing about a tool kit is that it’s like an adult play set. There’s so much stuff in there! And it speaks of adventures to come. They’ll imagine themselves in the middle of nowhere, fiddling with a bolt… I’ve been that person.

CruzTools makes a number of kits. Here’s the right one to get:

  • Harley-Davidson for Harleys: This has imperial wrenches and hex keys, plus a couple of metric (and adjustable) tools.
  • BMW for BMW motorcycles: This is a metric toolkit, but with Torx keys rather than hex keys.
  • Triumph for any Triumph motorcycle: These have Torx keys, hex keys, and metric tools.
  • Indian for any Indian (the brand) motorcycles. This is mostly a metric kit with hex and torx keys.

Otherwise for other brands (including any Japanese or Italian brand — Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Ducati, Aprilia, etc.) get the “Metric” toolkit — it’s basically for machines other than Harley-Davidsons.

Don’t worry if you get it wrong. The difference is not huge and Revzilla has an easy returns policy.

Motorcycle Care Kit — Great Gift for Fastidious Motorcycle Riders

Meguiars Motorcycle Care Kit

A motorcycle care kit is a great gift for motorcycle lovers.

This Meguiars kit is high quality, packed with useful products, and quite affordable.

Meguiars motorcycle care kit gift

In the northern part of the world, during the colder months, people can’t ride — there’s just too much ice. Or even if it’s just raining, motorcycles get dirty quickly.

Most motorcyclists just wipe their bike down after a ride in the mud, or maybe hose it down. But spending time in the garage getting a bright shine out of the metal and plastic is very satisfying.

If your loved one, family member, or friend is a fastidious person who takes care of their things — or just likes to disappear into the garage for a while — then this motorcycle care kit would be a great (and very affordable!) gift for a motorcycle lover.

Audio Recorder — An Interesting Gift for Motorcycle YouTubers

Zoom H1n microphone

If your motorcycling friend likes to record vlogs — or just record their rides and play them back — then they’ll love the Zoom H1n microphone.

Stick it in the tail of the bike, sync up the audio later with your video editor, and you have great sound.

zoom h1n microphone for motorcycle raw audio

Does your friend/loved one love to make videos for YouTube? Or watch them, and dream of recording their perfect ride? Here’s a really interesting gift idea — a microphone to record better audio. And a Zoom H1n microphone is the best one available.

One of the most prolific YouTubers, Schaaf, uses these Zoom microphones in the tail section of his bikes to record audio to go with his rides. The result is a really high-quality sound recording.

Coupled with footage from his GoPro, you get video and audio recordings that really put you in the zone.

Best of all, the Zoom H1n isn’t too expensive as gifts for motorcyclists go.

Books — Gifts for Thinking Motorcycle Riders

Finally, there are those among us who like to think about riding as much as we do actually go riding.

Luckily, there are a few books that are ones that should be on every motorcyclist’s bookshelf. These all make great gifts for motorcycle lovers who are the thinking types — even if they’ve read the e-book.

These are also cheaper gifts for motorcycle lovers. Books don’t break the bank!

These books would be great gifts for motorcycle riders of any kind, but read the description below for a quick intro into the kinds of riders/motorcycle owners who may enjoy them the most.

Proficient Motorcycling
Proficient motorcycling - motorcycling book
Great theory and practise book covering a wide range of motorcycling styles and techniques.
A Twist of the Wrist
A twist of the wrist by Keith Code - Great gift for motorcyclists
Excellent discussion of the psychology of road racing, plus a lof of theoretical discussion of cornering.
Total Control
total control book motorcycle gifts for motorcycle lovers
In-depth guide to technical riding theory.
The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance
The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance — Mark Zimmerman
An introductory book to general motorcycle maintenance — for simpler motorcycles, but it’s a guide that’s applicable to most bikes.
Gifts for motorcycle lovers — Books

If your motorcycle loving-friend likes to talk about theory, finding the perfect corner, or goes to a lot of track days — the above bikes are good ones.

The above books are all good reads. For the track rider/racer though, “A Twist of the Wrist” and its sequel (“A Twist of the Wrist II“) are excellent choices.

Gifts for Motorcycle Lovers — General Buyers Guide

As the partner, friend, or family member of a motorcycle lover, it can be daunting to pick the right gift because we motorcyclists tend to buy a lot of stuff already.

But here’s something you might not know — many motorcyclists tend to be thrifty. We’ll put down $10K on a dream machine, and then shop around for the best deal on gloves. It doesn’t quite make sense.

The kinds of things motorcyclists happily buy for ourselves are things that look and sound cool or make the bike go faster.

Here’s what makes a good gift for motorcycle lovers, I think:

  1. It makes us feel good and inspired to do something we’re dreaming about, like going on a long trip or getting to our first track day.
  2. It’s something we wouldn’t necessarily buy ourselves, maybe because we’re prevaricating too much
  3. It’s not too expensive — nobody’s suggesting you buy us a new motorcycle! (Gasp! We do that enough already)

So don’t think “useful” (like oil or spark plugs), think “inspiring”, like a tool to be used in the middle of the desert, or fancy racing gloves.

One thing to bear in mind when buying gifts for motorcyclists is what their riding style is.

If you’re not a motorcyclist, it can be a little cryptic. You just know they have a BMW or a Honda or something. So how can you tell what kind of gift they’ll like? Easy… think about the kind of riding they do.

Don’t worry too much about the brand of motorcycle. Yes, Ducati riders might like a helmet that says Ducati on it, but trust me — they’ll buy that themselves (and it’s very risky buying a helmet as it might fit terribly).

If the person you’re buying a gift for likes to go on long rides, then buy gifts that support that. A tool kit would be my pick.

If you’re buying a gift for a speed junkie who likes to blast up mountains or around tracks, then something like gloves or a camera would be what I’d choose.

Look up through the gift options above and think about whether it suits the style of riding they do.

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