Hi! My name is Dana (rhymes with “Nirvana”, and yes I was a teenager in the 90s) and I’m a motorcycle nut and the editor of this site.

I like everything on two wheels. I like them fast, I like them slow. I like them big and I like them small. I like them green, I like them red. Both petrol engines and electric motors, both new and old, both simple and high-tech.

I remember the first bike I bought. I searched for the cheapest bike under 250cc (the limit when I was a learner). It was a $1,000 Kawasaki Z200. I took it home on truck, learned on it, crashed it a few times, learned how to change a spark plug when it started gumming up plus many other random tasks, and eventually sold it for about half that.

motofomo first motorcycle - kawasaki z200
My first motorcycle. I also didn’t know how to take good motorbike pics. I was just trying to make it look bigger.

Not a huge success. But I was hooked.

I bought my second bike (a CB900F Bol D’or, which I miss) by searching for the biggest and cheapest bike within a five-mile (well, kilometre) radius. Bought it for $2,500 without understanding a damn thing about how to check bikes. After dropping it a few times at low speed, I thought my nine lives were up. I gave up for years, let it rot, then sold it for 700 and felt lucky to do so.

Over the years since my hapless beginnings and up until my less-hapless present, I’ve bought, sold, rented, and borrowed many more motorcycles. I’ve learned a LOT. I wish I could go back in time and tell a younger me a few things. “Negotiate!” would be one. “Check the fork seals!” is another. And “Don’t go on a two-day trip without buying warmer gear!”

But the thing is, I regret nothing. I have learned a lot and have much more to learn.

I find writing helps solidify my thoughts, expose gaps, and in the process may help others learn a bit more too. So I put down here whatever I think will help others.

What you’ll find in Motofomo

Here on Motofomo, you can expect to find articles about

  • Buyers guides — Differentiating between many confusing model names and evolutions of a bike over years, like “how did the Ducati Monster evolve since 1993)
  • Technology explainers — answering questions like “Why a 270-degree crank? And what are all the bikes with them?”
  • Lists — looking at e.g. the best new motorcycles of 2021 because who doesn’t like window shopping?
  • Reviews — putting down my highly subjective, unfiltered, but also structured thoughts on a bike, like on the Ducati 1098S
  • Repair and modification guides — when I’ve had to wrench on something, I explain how I did it
  • Opinion — because unsurprisingly, I have a few!

A bit about me

I find it helpful when I know something about other writers to “connect” with them. So here’s a bit about me.

I’m a Persian-background British/Australian. I speak ten languages (and counting), most of which I taught myself out of books, a lot of travel (I’ve spent months to years in over 20 countries in every continent… ok not Antarctica), and bloody-mindedness.

I graduated from both Engineering and Law at one of Australia’s best universities and threw away that knowledge to become a slide-making corporate drone for a few years. After that, I escaped to the world of high tech to help other people make money and also to write about motorcycles whenever I can.

These days I’m partly an operations consultant to high tech companies, and partly a writer and peripatetic wanderer. I am a naturally curious person, and I learn stuff and then write about it if it’s interesting. I may not live long enough to learn everything I want to, but I’ll die trying.

You can find my writing on operations and high tech (and a few old articles on motorcycles) on hooshmand.net, and read my guides to world travel and languages on discoverdiscomfort.com.

Oh, and I like making new Internet friends. One day we might meet and drink coffee or go for a ride in some country. If you think you’re a like-minded person, drop me a line.