I’m a low-key fan of the Suzuki Boulevard M109R. It’s not the ideal bike for everyone and everything, but it’s cool, unique, and really nice to look at! It has been discontinued in some markets, but they’re relatively available used — though prices aren’t really going down dramatically.

Much like Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Suzuki Boulevard M109R remained largely the same over the years since launch, and has mostly evolved in style, which means different chrome or black parts, and different colour schemes.

Thus, style means a lot to ‘Nine owners, and the best base colours are worth knowing, even if you customise the heck out of it.

This is just a repository of my favourite colour schemes for the Suzuki Boulevard M109R, also known as the “Niner”, the “Nine”, or, to robots, the VZR1800.

Suzuki Boulevard M109R Iconic Color Choices cover art

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Suzuki Boulevard M109R Colors — Overview

Overall, as I detail in my Suzuki Boulevard M109R Buyer’s Guide, the “Bully” has mostly evolved cosmetically. There was talk of some internal gearing resilience improvements from around 2008 onwards, but those are unconfirmed.

Generally, Suzuki has altered three things as time has gone on with the Suzuki M109R. These are

  • What is chromed out, and what is black — e.g. engine components, controls, and exhaust.
  • Whether there is one colour or two. Special Editions have a racing stripe. Most of the photos below are special editions.
  • Gloss or matt tones

A lot of the below colours involve black. But there’d be too many to have “black” alone as a section.

There are a few others I haven’t found good photos for — I’ll keep hunting. I’ve grouped them by colour alphabetically, and by year model within each colour group.


Suzuki is big on blue, and many M109Rs have come in this colour, including solid blue.

But most of the below “Blue” colours of the Suzuki Boulevard M109R are all combined with another color.

2007 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Blue
2007 Blue
2007 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Blue with White Stripe
2007 Limited Edition Blue with White Stripe
2017 Suzuki M109r Boulevard Pearl Vigor Blue Glass Sparkle Black RHS 3-4
2017 B.O.S.S. Pearl Vigor Blue / Glass Sparkle Black

Grey / Silver

I also quite like grey/silver motorcycles, and Suzuki has done it a few times with the M109R.

2008 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Gray Studio RHS 3-4
2008 Gray (Solid)
2014 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Limited Edition
2014 Limited Edition Grey / Silver
2018 Suzuki M109R Metallic Mystic Silver : Glass Sparkle Black static web
2018 Metallic Mystic Silver / Glass Sparkle Black

Below is the recent Oort Grey M109R. Again, Suzuki did this with the Hayabusa — I believe more effectively, as it has the contrast maroon wheels.

2020 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Metallic Oort Grey Glass Sparkle Black
2020 Metallic Oort Grey Glass Sparkle Black

In 2016 there was a similar colour scheme, Fibroin grey, but without the stripe.


Orange is a tough sell. Orange looks good on only a few motorcycles (in my opinion), but I like the contrast with Glass Sparkle Black. Below is a solid orange one from the early days, plus the same bike in B.O.S.S. and non-B.O.S.S. variants.

2008 Orange Suzuki Boulevard M109R Static RHS 3-4
2008 Orange
2011 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Limited Edition Red and Black
2011 Limited Edition Glass Spark Black / Candy Max Orange
2018 Suzuki Boulevard M109R BOSS Glass Sparkle Black Candy Black Orange wall web
2018 B.O.S.S. Glass Sparkle Black / Candy Black Orange


Suzuki doesn’t tend to make as many red motorcycles as Honda or Ducati, but when they do it, it’s very eye-catching.

2013 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Pearl Mira Red
2013 Limited Edition Pearl Mira Red
2015 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Candy Daring Red Glass Sparkle Black
2015 B.O.S.S. Candy Daring Red / Glass Sparkle Black

In 2019, Suzuki made a bike that nearly looks the same as the 2015 — in fact, it has the same base colours, just inverted.

2019 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Red and Black
2019 Glass Sparkle Black / Candy Daring Red (note the colours are inverted)


A white power cruiser? Suzuki made it work!

2009 Suzuki Boulevard M109R White with Black Stripe Limited Edition hi res
2009 Limited Edition White with Black Stripe
2019 Suzuki Boulevard M109r Pearl Glacier White Pearl Vigor Blue
2019 B.O.S.S. Pearl Glacier White / Pearl Vigor Blue
2019 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Pearl Glacier White Glass Sparkle Black RHS 3-4
2019 Pearl Glacier White / Glass Sparkle Black


Some of my favourite M109R colours are yellow. I’d have put these first if “Yellow” weren’t the last color alphabetically.

The 2008 colour is a base model — not a special edition. However, yellow.

2008 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Yellow
2008 Suzuki Boulevard M109R — Solid Yellow
Suzuki M109R BOSS yellow
2014 B.O.S.S. Marble Daytona Yellow / Glass Sparkle Black.

The 2013 model is a combination that Suzuki has really made work for it — Marble Daytona Yellow and Glass Sparkle Black.

See here for more iconic yellow motorcycles.

Wrap up

With the M109R out of production in most parts of the world (if not everywhere?), and with relatively few changes other than colour schemes in the M109R’s history, prices aren’t really dropping dramatically.

So if there’s a colour you’re chasing and it comes up — I’m sure the frequency with which you’ll see it is going to diminish.

By the way, if you think there’s another base colour worth mentioning, let me know — I think I’ve looked through all of them, but happy to add more.

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  1. I’m a big fan of Suzuki, on my 2nd one so far. Never had this bike, always felt something for it though. It’s like nothing else, very unique, exudes that muscular powerful presence, Harley does it with their Fat Bob 114, same feeling. Anyway, back to what Dana’s article is about— Colors. I think the best color for the M109R is the Metallic Triton Blue/Glass Sparkle Black with black exhaust void of chrome. This color may have only been available on the B.O.S.S. version, not sure.

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